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You have waited long enough!  Just follow the steps below to order your custom flush mount wedding album. Remember, you can use as many as 250 photos and make as many changes to the design as you would like.  Once the design is final, you will have your heirloom album in hand in a few weeks.  

let's get started

1. Select your favorite album size and cover type

To get started, please review our album cover options and choose your favorite.  Make sure to check out our customization options, such as a cut-out window and embossing. If you don't see what you are looking for there, let us know and we can help you create it.  As for size, our most popular size is 10x10. Think about whether you will need to order parent albums as well, or an upgraded presentation box, as they are discounted if they are ordered at the same time as yours.

2. Decide how many pages you would like

Albums commonly run between 30 and 50 pages.  (A "page" is otherwise known as a "side" -- or one side of a two-page spread.) Before you place your order, please use our price charts to determine how many pages you would like, based on your budget. This will determine how many images you will need to select for your album. On average, we use two or three images per page, so a 30-page album would use around 75 images, for example. Typically, however, we feature only one or two glamour shots per page, as opposed to reception photos, for example, which can be featured nicely in larger groups.  

3. Select your images and collect them in a "favorites" file

We know the hardest part is to whittle down your photos to the "gems" for your album!  Try to select images from every stage of the day if you have them: Getting Ready, First Look, Couple, Wedding Party/Family, Ceremony and Reception.  Also, choose some close-ups of the bride's dress or groom's lapel, the bouquet or table decor, for example, as well as some background shots of the venue.  It's OK to include some "amateur" photos as long as they are good enough quality. Keep your favorites handy in a separate computer file, so you'll have them ready to upload to us when you place your order.  

4. Place your online order

You are now ready to place your order online.  You will be asked to select your cover type, size, page count, customization options and to provide payment.  Be sure to order your companion albums and upgraded presentation box (if desired) now to get the discounted price. Use our "special instructions" box to let us know if you happen to have a particular image you would like to use for the cover, customization requests, any special photo-shopping needs or any questions you may have.

5. Upload your photos

Once we receive your order, we will send you a link to upload your photos. It's easier for us if your photos are organized in chronological order by file name or number. Please be sure your images are hi-resolution. Feel free to choose a few extras so we'll have some wiggle room in the design! If you will be sending extras, use our "Special Instructions" box to let us know -- and we will use our discretion to cut some of them in order to stick to the page count.  If you are sending more than 25 extras, however, we will need to charge $60 for the time it takes to make those cuts. 

6. We design your spreads

Once we receive your order, it takes us a week or so to design and post your spreads for your review. We will also post a mock up of the cover.  We'll try to use all the images you send, but sometimes we have to use our discretion to stay within a designated page length. If we end up missing a critical image, don't worry -- we can work together to find a good place for it (or add an extra spread.)  And sometimes the design can go over by a few pages.  Again, don't worry; we can work together to decide whether to leave those pages in or consolidate.

7. Review and approve your spreads

Feel free to make as many changes you would like -- there is no limit.  It's easy to convey your changes, upload new images to swap in, and request different cover mock-ups until you are sure of your choices.  It's not too late to add and pay for parent albums (if you haven't already) before your own album goes into production.  And if you decide you want to add/delete pages or choose a different cover type than what you ordered, we can always make price adjustments.

8. Enjoy your heirloom album!

Once you approve the design, your album will go into production, which takes a little under two weeks. And once it ships, you will have your album in hand in 3 or 4 business days.

Please feel free to reach out to us by phone or email with any questions you have along the way -- and check below for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. 

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