We offer a number of ways to customize your album, including:  a cut out cameo window, cover embossing, a straight or ribbed spine, matted albums, and mix and match leathers.  


Consider using your favorite photo on the cover in a cut out window ($20).  The size and placement of your window is fully customizable.   

Goudy Light

Goudy Cursive

Sans Serif Light


Personalize your album by embossing your names and/or wedding date on the cover ($30 for up to two lines).

We have three beautiful fonts to chose from.  We keep it plain (no color).  But if you would prefer silver, gold or black, just let us know in the Special Instructions when you place your order.  Linen covers can only be embossed in black.

We can emboss anywhere on the front and back cover, but not on the spine.


Felix Tilting



If you would rather choose your own font or image, we can make a custom die stamp for $50.  Some popular custom fonts are bombshell, carolyna pro, felix tilting and adelicia.  The die stamp can be no larger than 5x2 inches.

The cost for a custom die stamp is $50.

If you are interested in this option, please let us know in the Special Instructions when you place your order.


Choose between a straight spine or ribbed spine for your album. (Photo-wrap covers come only with a straight spine.)


Please indicate your preference when you place your order.  There is no extra charge for either spine type.




Feel free to use one leather material for the front and back cover and another for spine.  Or perhaps you would like a stripe running down the front or side in a different leather.  There is a charge of $60 for combining two leathers. 



Matted albums are a "hybrid" between a fully flush mount album and an old fashioned matted album. They come in a variety of vegan and genuine leather options as well as fabric (not featured on this site). Matted albums cost around $350 more than a genuine leather all-flush mount album (regardless of the cover material).  Please contact us for more information and a link to the cover material options.


Need parent albums? No problem!  

Parent albums have the same design layouts inside, cover type and personalization, and page count as your album.  

Parent albums come in 10x10 and 8x10.  The aspect ratio of a parent album will correspond to yours.  For example, if you order a 12x12 or 10x10 square size for yourself, parent albums will be 10x10.  And if you order a 11x14 square size for yourself, parent albums will be 8x10.

We offer a nice discount on parent albums.  The aspect ratio of parent album does not affect the price.  The cover material will affect the price, however.  (See below)

Parent albums must go into production along with yours to qualify for the discount pricing below.  If they are ordered/produced separately later, they are $150 more.   


We can sometimes make exceptions, on a case by case basis, to the requirement that the parent album be exactly the same as the main album.  However, changes will affect the price.  For example, a different cover may increase or decrease the price (see below).  And swapping out photos for a parent album (or otherwise re-designing spreads) and/or adding or subtracting pages will add at least $50 more, depending on the extent of the changes.

Parent album pricing

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Let us know how we can help create a stunning heirloom quality wedding album for you.  Reach out with any questions.  We have the answers.

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